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Estate Planning & Medicaid Assistance

from Central Washington Elder Law Center

At Central Washington Elder Care Center, our Mission is to provide our clients with Peace of Mind. In dealing with end of life issues, you can either be at the mercy of the State and Federal Regulations or you can proactively plan and control your own destiny. In helping thousands of clients be proactive, we have saved them hundreds of thousands of dollars and have avoided wasted time. More importantly, our clients sleep better at night knowing that they are in control of their own destiny and have taken all of the necessary steps to proactively deal with aging and finances.

Our vision is to provide a great deal of value to our clients: Value in the lifelong working relationships that we enjoy; and Value in the experience that we bring to Estate Planning and Medical Financial Planning.

Estate Planning

Estate Planning

After practicing law for over 25 years, and after having prepared thousands of Estate Plans, I have come to the conclusion that a Last Will and Testament is no longer an acceptable method of Estate Planning.

There is no doubt a long fostered misconception that 'all you need is a Last Will and Testament'. Nothing could be further from the truth. More money and resources are wasted in the Will/probate process than anywhere else in the legal system.

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Long Term Care Planning

Long Term Care Planning

Long Term Care Planning is a very specialized area of Elder Law. The issues surrounding the illness and care of a loved one are probably more important than the issues surround the death of a loved one. With the cost of nursing home care in Washington State now at more than $5400 per month, a long term illness can wipe out all of your hard earned savings and leave a spouse in a very precarious position.

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Medicaid Seminars

Free Living Trust Seminars

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